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We will be closed from the Friday 25th December 2020 until we reopen on Monday the 4th January 2021.

Puppy Play Dates will resume on the Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Day-Care Enrolment forms will be responded to from the Monday 11th January.

Thank you and have a very Merry and Safe Christmas!




*Please see our Services page for further details regarding opening hours*



We all lead busy lives and unfortunately that means our furry family members are left at home, alone, more often than we would like.  Dogs that are bored, and left up to their own devices, become destructive or develop problems such as incessant barking and anxiety.  We have found that physically active, socially engaged and mentally stimulated dogs are less likely to indulge in destructive behaviour such as digging in the garden or chewing up the furniture.


One or two days a week at day-care have been proven to help maintain a dog's healthy mental well-being and, of course, is a great outlet for your dog's energy, all whilst keeping up their ESSENTIAL socialisation skills with a variety of breeds and play styles. Like any skill, if they don't USE it, they will LOSE it.


Let the caring and qualified staff at Billy's Day-Care for Dogs share their wealth of knowledge and experience with your family and provide your cherished puppy or dog with the socialisation, exercise, enrichment and company they need. Thereby allowing you to go about your daily business with complete peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in the very best of care.




Our goal here at Billy's Day-Care for Dogs is for all the dogs in our care to have an amazing day filled with love, attention, fun, enrichment, mental stimulation and exercise all in a safe and hygienic, top of the range, facility. For all the dogs in our care to go home happy, fulfilled and better behaved than when they first arrived.


As Perth's original and longest running dog day-care centre, Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs is the premiere destination in Perth for your treasured puppy or dog. Our track record proves it!

Our Belmont facility, which opened in September 2008, was the first of its kind - a purpose built 600 square metre indoor and outdoor day-care centre for dogs. Perfect for all weather attendance as we have air conditioning, spray mists, splash pools and cool toweling in Summer and heating in Winter.

Our facility prides itself on our state of the art solid wall play areas (with peekaboo windows) to keep every group separated under the highest of safety standards.


At Billy’s, our dogs are never bored because our play areas are filled with behaviour enrichment toys, games and special sensory items like Hay Bales on rotation that keep things new and exciting each week. We also provide soft, comfy beds (or laps!) for nap times and for those wanting to chill out after a morning of play, play and more play!


Every method that we use is based on positive reinforcement techniques and we pride ourselves for being at the top of our field with new developments and studies within the positive reinforcement training community.


Rest assured that your dog or puppy is being supervised by industry qualified and trained staff. All of our staff hold their animal first aid qualification and regularly attend industry seminars, workshops, training weekends and in house coaching sessions.

At all times there is human supervision and Billy's are also proud to announce that we have the highest human to dog supervision ratio in Perth. Industry standard is approx 1 human to 15 dogs and Billy's aims for 1 human to 6-8 dogs. We are able to achieve this as we have a small shop front to bring in extra income to cover the costs, as well as holding public fundraisers and events during the year.




Please fill out one of our enrolment forms

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We cater to dogs and puppies of *all ages (* as soon as your puppy has had their C5 injection, they are welcome to start attending. This can be anywhere between 10-16 weeks depending on your vet's schedule).


We welcome all sizes and breeds, from the tiniest in our Petite Paws, to the largest in our Zoomie Zones, as we have separate play areas within the complex so that your dog can play with others that compliment their own size, energy level and temperament.


"The relationship between you as the owner and your dog is an important one, so our intention is not to replace you as the primary care giver but to supplement your care by providing life's essentials for your dog when you can’t."