• Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Pre-Requisite: Ideally Puppy Class (or) Private Consultation. Quite often dogs can be accepted into this class without completing the pre-requisite. Please ask when you enrol, as our staff will be able to provide you with more information. Suited to older puppies who have completed their vaccinations and dogs of any age who need more training with higher distraction levels.


  • All attendees will receive their own personal clicker to use and keep. Plus a few other surprises.


Do you want a well mannered dog that doesn't pull on lead, greets other dogs and strangers politely and comes reliably when called? Do you envision a furry family member that will sit quietly while you enjoy brunch at a cafe or join the family on holiday? Do you have ambitions of competitive obedience or agility training? If so, then Level 1: Basic Skills For Life will lay a solid foundation for you to continue towards your goals. At Billy's we offer a 4 week intensive training course to help you reach your individual training goals that is both fun and effective.


Dogs will learn:

  • To give eye contact under increasing levels of distraction
  • Increased fluency with sit, lie down & stand - building on distance, duration & distraction
  • To walk nicely on a loose lead even under distraction
  • To walk close at heel for short periods
  • Basic touch targeting
  • To settle quietly on a mat
  • Self control
  • Reliable recall
  • Stay in position under increasing levels of distraction
  • Clicker Trick Training


You will learn:

  • How dogs learn
  • Effective leadership
  • Dog body language
  • Problem solving and management
  • Responsible dog ownership
  • Environmental enrichment strategies


Please bring to class:

  • Your dog's vaccination certificate
  • Soft collar and leash - no chain collars/leashes and no retractable leashes
  • Your dog's favourite food treats & toys - ideally soft food such as small bits of roast chicken, polony, cheese. If bringing a toy please refrain from bringing balls and squeaky toys. Chew and Tug toys are perfect.


To book, please complete our online POOCH PROFILE & BOOKING REQUEST