• AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR EVERY PUPPY! - We suggest pairing this class with our Wednesday night Puppy Play Dates, don't just count on the weekends to meet your socialisation target window!
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks


  • All attendees will receive their own personal clicker to use and keep. Plus a few other surprises.


Do you have a Puppy Preschool graduate? Are you looking for the next level in puppy training that incorporates basic training with off-leash socialisation? If your dog is between 16 weeks - 24 weeks (4-6 months) and fully vaccinated then Senior Puppy may be just the class you are looking for. Senior Puppy builds upon key concepts introduced in Puppy Preschool classes. Graduates of Senior Puppy are also eligible to enrol in our Level 1 and Level 2 classes.


Puppies will learn:

  • Continued socialisation with other people, puppies & environment
  • Appropriate play & settle
  • Fluency with ''sit & drop'' including introducing 'stand'
  • Manners around people and other dogs
  • Basic-Medium Recall
  • Basic-Medium leash walking
  • To accept grooming & handling
  • Leave it and take it on cue
  • Wait and release command
  • Tricks and fun family games
  • Clicker Training


You will learn:

  • The importance of continued socialisation
  • Effective leadership
  • Dog body language
  • Why dogs do certain 'doggy things'
  • Health care tips such as nail clipping and teeth brushing


Please bring to class:

  • Your puppy's vaccination certificate
  • Soft collar and leash - no chain collars/leashes and no retractable leashes
  • Your puppy's favourite food treats & toys - ideally soft food such as small bits of roast chicken, polony, cheese. If bringing a toy please refrain from bringing balls and squeaky toys. Chew and Tug toys are perfect.

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