This class focuses on Behaviour, Body Language, Psychology and Socialisation skills. Our aim is to set your puppy up for a successful social future at the dog park, at home, on holidays and everywhere else you desire to take your pup.

The only class of it's kind in Perth. We teach you the basics that behaviour consultants charge a fortune per session to learn! Spot early problems NOW.


  • AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR EVERY PUPPY! - We suggest pairing this class with our Baby Puppy and Senior Puppy training classes. Give your puppy the best head start possible!
  • Course Duration: Every Wednesday Night 6:30pm-7:30pm. We recommend that puppies keep attending until they are 16 weeks old- Bookings Essential
  • Special Offer: 4 classes package for only $70!


Do you have a new puppy between the ages of 8 weeks and 16 weeks?

Are you looking to make a great headstart with their socialisation and interaction skills? Plus stop any behaviour issues NOW before they become ingrained?

Research has shown that puppies have a 'critical window' for socialisation that closes as early as 16 weeks of age. Don't just rely on the weekends to meet your pups socialisation targets! Puppy socialisation and training classes are an essential component for raising a puppy that will grow into a calm and confident adult dog.

Puppy Play Dates incorporate some basic training, socialisation experiences with other puppies, humans, objects, smells and sounds, behaviour and body language practical lessons, plus lots of fun to burn that mid week energy!

At Billy's we provide a safe, veterinary grade clean environment with experienced and caring staff members. No matter what the weather or season, Billy's indoor venue has you covered.

All puppies will be split into groups based on their vaccination status, age, size and energy levels.

Puppies are not required to be desexed for Puppy Play Dates as our policy is only for dogs over 6 months.


Puppies will:

  • Learn to respond to their name
  • Learn the basics of recall during play
  • Meet and Greet other puppies in an appropriate manner
  • Interact with new people: men, women and responsible children
  • Experience exciting smells while exploring our fun obstacle courses
  • Experience new sounds (both recorded and live) in a positive manner
  • Gain the confidence to proceed to 'Big School' training and/or day-care.
  • Spot any behaviour issues now, which we will discuss with you.
  • Plus so much more!



Please bring to class:

  • Your dog's vaccination certificate
  • Soft collar or harness and leash - no chain collars/leashes and no retractable leashes


To book for the FIRST TIME, please complete our online PUPPY ENROLMENT FORM