Puppy Course



Does your pup have bad habits?

Come learn about normal puppy behaviour and raise a well mannered pup!

We use gentle but consistent guidance to teach your pup good habits. You will learn to use a combination of treats, toys, attention and verbal praise as rewards. Using positive reinforcement is fun, and enhances your pup's ability to learn. The clicker training we use develops confidence and promotes a happy, trusting relationship between you and your new puppy.

Puppy classes are on Saturday mornings. Pups don’t need to finish their vaccinations to come to puppy class as our floors are sanitised and clean! Join class in any week, and complete all four learning areas to graduate with a foundation for a well mannered dog.

To book online, go to the Dog Training Help web site.


We suggest pairing this class with our Wednesday night Puppy Play Dates for pups under 16 weeks. Don't just count on the weekends to meet your early socialisation target window!.