Doggie Basic Manners Course


Is your dog disobedient, too enthusiastic or unable to listen to you?

Teach your dog good manners and practice calm behaviour in a group setting.

You will learn to communicate clearly with your dog, and to shape good behaviour. You will be able to use a combination of treats, toys, attention and verbal praise as rewards. Effective training creates motivation through fun. This approach enhances your dog's ability to learn and builds confidence.

At the end of this course, you will have foundation skills to teach your dog basic obedience. For further skill development, please visit the Dog Training Help web site.

Basic training classes are for dogs of all ages (as long as they have completed their puppy vaccination series). Classes run on Saturday mornings. Join in any week, and complete all four learning areas to graduate with a foundation for a well mannered dog.

For more information and to book online, go to the Dog Training Help web site.